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Are you ready to turn your passion for freediving into a fulfilling career? Our 3 to 4-week Freediving Instructor Course is your gateway to becoming a professional freediving instructor. Discover the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to embark on this exciting journey and make your dream a reality.

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Freediving Instructor Course - Blue Chitta

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Prerequisites for Aspiring Instructors

Enrolling in our Instructor Course is a significant step towards becoming a certified freediving instructor. To qualify, candidates must hold the Master Freediver certification and meet specific prerequisites:

Essential Requirements:

  • Professional Attitude: Demonstrate a professional attitude and exemplary role-modeling skills in the field of freediving.
  • Teaching Experience: Have experience assisting Apnea Total Instructors while teaching both the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses.
  • Depth Proficiency: Be capable of diving to a minimum depth of 35 meters in the CWT (Constant Weight) discipline.
  • Stamina Exercises: Successfully complete repetitive CWT dives with short surface intervals, showcasing your stamina and endurance.
  • Static Apnea Mastery: Achieve a static apnea time of at least 4 minutes and 30 seconds, demonstrating your breath-holding proficiency.


Becoming a Certified Instructor:

To earn your certification as a freediving instructor, you’ll be required to teach a minimum of two Freediver Courses and one Advanced Course under the supervision of an Instructor Trainer. This hands-on experience will equip you with the teaching skills and practical insights needed to excel in your future career as a freediving instructor.

Start Today!

Embark on an incredible journey towards becoming a certified freediving instructor with our comprehensive Freediving Instructor Course in Koh Tao. It’s not just a course; it’s your opportunity to live your dream and share your passion for freediving with others. Join us today and start shaping the future of freediving.

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