Freediving & Yoga Retreats

Vinyasa Flow

Energizing Practice. 
Synchronizing movement with breathe in a dynamic flow.

Yin Yoga

Relaxing Practice. 
Holding Static postures for few minutes to allow the stretch to reach the deep connective tissues. 


Centering Practice.
Exploring Pranayama (breathwork) together with mental focus to induce a meditative state. 

Wake up everyday with a beautiful sunrise over the Egyptian Red Sea to have tea and practice yoga on the beach. 

Every day we will explore some of the most famous freediving sites including LightHouse Dahab, Blue Hole, Eel Garden, Ras Abu Galum.
Sessions will include training on the line, exploring the luxurious reef, and underwater photos.

Amed, Bali

Wake up every day with a beautiful purple sunrise to practice yoga with a magnificent view over the black sand beach. 

We have 2 yoga sessions daily, a more energizing practice in the morning, and a more rejuvenating practice in the evening.
Morning sessions all include Meditation, Pranayama (breathing), Chanting, and Asana practice.  Every day, we will propose various activities that will give you the opportunity to discover the local culture. The evening practice will be more mellow as we sink into a relaxed state. 

Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao is a tiny tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand.
It offers great freediving conditions, especially between February to August, with warm waters, beautiful reefs, and high chances of whale sharks and turtles encounters! 

Why Yoga & Freediving ?

Immerse yourself in a chakra healing journey, learn how to cultivate presence & well-being.
Explore Yoga, Meditation, Breath-Work & Freediving in a spiritual 8 days retreat by the sea. 

You will be freediving the beautiful Dahab Reef, reaching new depths in the famous Blue Hole, and exploring the waters of Ras Abu Galum. The schedule includes yoga every morning and evening + daily freediving sessions either fun dives, coached dives, or completing your freediving certifications (level 1 or 2).

7 Days
Dec 2020
Bali Retreat

The main focus of the retreat is to enjoy the water, explore the ocean, live simply by the sea, and experience the strong connection between Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and Freediving.

This all-inclusive retreat is your opportunity to take a moment for yourself, deepen your yoga and meditation practice, and simultaneously expand your aquatic abilities.

8 Days

Our Courses Focus On Fun And Safety.  We Use Yoga, Meditation And Breathing To Increase Your Underwater Abilities And Make Your Dive Deeper And More Enjoyable.

We Certify Under Apnea Total Which Is a Freediving Organization Recognized Worldwide.

We Offer All Levels Courses From Beginner to Instructor. 

Classes Are Personalized To You Own Needs And Schedule.

2 Days
Sept - Feb.

Explore the World For Yourself