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Freediver Course

Intro to Freediving

Unlock the Mysteries of the Deep

Our 1-day Intro Freediver Course is your passport to discovering the captivating realm of underwater exploration. In this immersive experience, you’ll grasp the fundamental principles of freediving and get a tantalizing taste of what this thrilling discipline is all about.

What to Expect:

The course comprises a 2-hour theory session and a 2-hour practical session in the water. During this time, you’ll gain valuable insights into:

  • Equalization Techniques: Learn how to equalize pressure in your ears and sinuses for a comfortable descent.
  • Breathing Techniques & Equipment: Master the art of breath control and familiarize yourself with essential freediving gear.
  • Maximum Depth: Challenge yourself and reach depths of up to 12 meters, all in a single breath.
Koh Tao Freediving
freediver course - Blue Chitta Koh Tao
freediving in Koh Tao - Blue Chitta

Level 1 Freediving Certification

Join the Freediving Tribe

Our Level 1 Freediver Course is your inaugural step into the exhilarating world of freediving. Over two intensive days, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills needed to dive deeper and linger beneath the waves on a single breath, all while feeling confident and at ease.

Course Highlights:

  • Freediving Equalization Techniques: Delve into the art of equalizing pressure for safe descents.
  • Breathing for Freediving: Master breath-hold techniques that enable you to stay underwater longer.
  • Yoga for Freedivers: Explore yoga practices tailored to enhance your freediving performance.
  • Basic Physiology of the Breath-Hold: Understand the physiological aspects of freediving and breath-holding.
  • Freediving Safety & Rescue: Learn essential safety procedures and rescue techniques.
  • Pranayama and Lung Stretching Exercises: Enhance your lung capacity for extended breath-holding.
  • Maximum Depth: Push your limits as you reach depths of up to 21 meters.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain access to the Online Apnea Total Freediver’s Ebook.
  • Certification: Receive your well-earned Freediving Certification by Apnea Total upon course completion.

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